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  Our investigative approach is looking at data from many angles and through many inquiries.  The re-evaluating of data found from one source with the primary source, aka primary source verification, makes sense to CI and our clients.  Our background screening solutions ensure that our clients get timely, cost effective, and accurate information.  COMMERCIAL INVESTIGATIONS LLC’s client intensive approach means that you’ll be kept informed and given personalized advice based on your company’s specific needs.

  Because of all the different ways identifiers are relayed in the various data searches of a background investigation, human intervention is absolutely necessary to make a positive correlation between the subject and the person the data ultimately relates to.

  We work with you to customize your background investigations, allowing you to ensure compliance and integrate background investigations into existing hiring processes. Our average turnaround time for all queries is a less than 1.5 business day.  We are staffed with trained investigators that treat every background screening as a background investigation.  Our staff looks at the whole picture, comparing the results from each inquiry on a subject, to make sure the completed information relayed to you is both reliable and easily understood.



Melissa Pelletier

Craig Wigand


Manager of Investigations

Melissa Pellitier has been working for Commercial Investigations LLC since 2011. As a senior investigator, Melissa’s duties include initiating reports, handling subject disputes, and walking clients through the process of setting up a new accounts.  She also works on quality controlling reports, as well as helping train new investigators.  Melissa received her FCRA Advanced Certification in April 2014.  Melissa likes that we go on staff coffee runs and have luncheons for new employees.  She loves that we can wear whatever we want. "We have good rapport with each other, we're just a fun crew.  We like to have fun but are serious when we need to be."


Craig Wigand started with Commercial Investigations LLC in August of 2011 as a Call Center Data Entry Associate. As the manager, Craig handles various duties within the organization including training associates, fingerprinting and drug test setup and verifications.  Craig received his Fair Credit Reporting Act Advanced Certification in October of 2015. Craig is also in the process of receiving his private investigators license.  Craig knows the importance of having a great team. "When everyone is working hard in their individual roles as investigators and support staff, we're able to provide our clients with the service that they've come to expect."

Michelle Pyan



  • Yvette Austin

    Yvette Austin began her career as an Call Center Data Entry Associate at Commercial Investigations LLC in August of 2014 and has since become a lead investigator. Yvette is an investigative trainee and her main duties include making verification calls, and handling country criminal records.  A significant part of Yvette’s job is providing clients with exceptional customer service.  Yvette likes that she learns something new every day. "It's never dull and is a great work atmosphere. I love Michelle as a boss and I really like my coworkers."

  • Chris Brinkman

    Chris Brinkman has been with Commercial Investigations LLC since June of 2013 as an investigator.  Chris specializes in the criminal searches such as Statewides, Counties and Developed Criminal Records.  Chris then went to the University at Albany where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice.  Chris represents Commercial Investigations at an annual golf tournament and participates in other company activities throughout the year.

  • Sherry Kocienski

    Sherry Kocienski is currently working at Commercial Investigations LLC as a member of the Business Development team.  Sherry started as a Call Center Data Entry Associate where she learned investigative and initiating work prior to moving into the Business Development role.  Her study and knowledge of the whole process, as well as her FCRA Basic Certification, helps new clients understand what to expect in the process.  Sherry likes the excitement that the different people bring to the workplace. "When I first started at CI, a pot of coffee lasted the whole day.  Now we're lucky if it lasts an hour! We're a growing team that put a lot into what we do.  The staff here are specialists and I feel confident going to any of them with questions."


  • Kimbrianne Rock

    While working toward her Master's Degree, Kimbrianne Rock works on the team completing education and employment verifications as well as professional references. Kim is specially trained at Commercial Investigations in verifying health care field related registrations and certifications.  Kim likes the professional atmosphere and that coworkers act professional but are nice and accommodating.  She doesn't feel dreadful about getting up for work. "It's not like ugh.. it’s a job and I have to go do it."

  • Derek Masterson

    Derek Masterson has been working at Commercial Investigations LLC since April of 2015 as a data entry and research investigator. He conducts verifications of employment and education, reference checks, and monitors the fax account.  His culinary expertise and love of baking is appreciated by our team.  Derek likes that people don't throw deli meat at his face (as they did at his last job).  He thinks the atmosphere is a lot nicer here than other work environments.  "No one has tried to kill me yet which is pretty great."



  • Janel Anderson

    Janel Anderson started her career as Commercial Investigations LLC’s financial services associate in April 2015. Janel is responsible for invoicing, preparing reports and financial data, and helping clients with any billing questions.  Janel enjoys that we communicate well in our staff meetings.  "People are included regardless of where they stand in the company.  There is a family style environment.. It's very comfortable."




  • Patricia Reilly

    Call Center Data Entry Associate

  • Rob Maier

    Call Center Data Entry Associate


  • Kyra Te Paske

    Business Development Associate


  • Nancy Sykes

    Assistant to the President


  • Jerad Peragine

    Call Center Data Entry Associate


  • Jennifer Jatta

    Call Center Data Entry Associate



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